We recognize privacy is a key concern. We may collect and store data to enhance website functionality, to learn more about what our customers like on our website and to enable on-line purchasing.


Data you provide to us: If you purchase anything, or take part in a promotion, we need your name, e-mail address and physical address in order to send you your items. You provide these by filling in the form at the checkout. We keep a list of who has bought what.

Cookies: These are small pieces of computer code our website sends to your computer. They help identify trends in purchasing and what sort of items interest our customer most. We use this information to target future advertising and promotions more accurately.

Log information: Our website hosting company automatically stores information such as your browser type, browser language and the date and time of your request. Again, this may be used to give broad insights into what people like about our site and where they come from.

Credit Card Information: If you make a purchase, you will enter your card details into the secure Square Pay system. At no time do we handle, store or even see these details. Square have their own privacy policy.

Customer Communications: We keep details of who has made purchases from us. This data in never shared or sold to third parties. It is necessary for us to maintain these records in case of refunds or returns as well as for our accounts, in order to pay the taxman, etc.

Opt-In mailing list: You may join our mailing list by filling in the appropriate form if you'd like us to keep you aware of new products. Again, we never share or sell this information to anyone.

Other Sites: This policy applies to our website only. As we are linked to other sites such as Facebook and Youtube, we have no control over their privacy policies.

Accessing or correcting information: We can be contacted at the address below if you require details of information we hold on you. You may request for it to be corrected or deleted at any time.

Mark Lloyd Williams

Black Mountain Gallery

2, Bryn Road,


Swansea, UK.