TOURISTBURGER 1 by Mark Lloyd Williams, hand-pulled etching.

Hand-pulled original etching print on 300gsm Hahnemühle velvet surface paper. Printed from a metal printing plate using a hand-cranked etching press. This medieval process gives prints which have a beautiful subtlety, each is slightly different as the printing plate is laboriously inked by hand. Making the printing plate itself involves a huge amount of meticulous work.

PRINT ONLY, ROLLED IN A TUBE: IMAGE = 18 X 15cm. Paper larger by 5cm all round. Free delivery to UK / USA or EU countries. Edition of 50, each signed and numbered in pencil in the margin.


It's a medieval technique of print-making where wet paper is draped over a printing plate and rolled through an etching press: a hand-cranked contraption that exerts thousands of pounds per square inch of pressure to force the ink from the plate onto the paper.
The printing plate is made of metal which has the design ETCHED into it by acid, hence the term "etching"

Etchings have a characteristic "feel" they are capable of incredible detail, and each will usually be slightly different because the plate is inked each time by hand before printing. An etching will always have the impression of the metal printing plate physically stamped into the paper. We use traditional carbon lamp black and linseed oil ink and Hahnemuhle paper for our etchings. They will potentially last millennia.

HAVE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO: it shows how I created "Moonlight Crow" from start to finish. (see it full screen by clicking "watch on YouTube)

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